Bravo Academy offers Private and Semi-Private Jazz, Tap, and Ballet.  Students have the opportunity to perform in a final showcase each May. Private and Semi-Private Dance Classes are available in all styles anytime throughout the year. Please contact Bravo Academy for more details.

Private and Semi-Private Dance


Jazz is one of the most expressive forms of dance. It combines both movement and dramatic expression. Through studying jazz, students will learn various jazz steps and technique develop rhythm, flexibility, strength, cardio, balance and self-confidence. Students will work in an energized environment with upbeat music such as current popular pieces and songs from favourite Broadway shows.


Tap is an exciting fun way to be both dancer and musician of your feet. Students will learn precise rhythmical patterns of foot movement through audible foot tappings. Through studying tap, students will build rhythm, footwork, cardio, strength and self-confidence all while having fun!

Classical and Contemporary Ballet

Classical and Contemporary Ballet training serves as a backbone for many other styles of dance. Students will build strength, grace, flexibility and endurance through the study of traditional, centuries-old techniques.