New Music Theatre Intensives

New Music Theatre Intensives is committed to training young and emerging artists in new methods and styles to prepare them for professional opportunities.

Bravo Academy’s New Music Theatre Intensives premiered in 2013 with the production of Make Me a Song by William Finn, produced in the immersive setting of the Norman Felix Art Gallery. The program was created to provide INNOVATIVE music theatre training, specializing in CONTEMPORARY musicals for our next generation of performers. Giving them the EXPERIENCE and opportunity to be led by a team of respected industry professionals. Since its inaugural performance, the program has produced eight inventive productions including a WORLD PREMIERE. It has grown from one intensive to five intensives per year. Each one comprised of a small group of talented and skilled performers admitted via audition.



New Music Theatre Intensives provide innovative, modern, advanced and highly specialized music theatre training for both young and emerging artists. Through producing contemporary music theatre, our intensive programs assist and advance artists as they work towards professional careers. We strive to challenge and educate artists to reach their potential. We aim to develop and produce new Canadian musicals and work with leading Canadian professionals and artists.


This is an opportunity for all Music Theatre Actors, Directors, Music Directors, Writers, Composers, Choreographers, Stage Managers, as well as Set, Costume, Lighting and Projection Designers. As a member of the Emerging Artist Professional Program, you will be given rehearsal and performance space, as well as advertising through our New Music Theatre Intensives newsletters and social media. Acceptance by submission or audition only. Submit your project to!

Scholarships/Financial Aid

Once accepted into the program, artists have the opportunity to apply for scholarship funding through Arts Access Fund. Artists interested in a scholarship must complete a scholarship application form when they audition. Our goal is to assist as many artists as possible, however we cannot guarantee financial aid.

Founding Sponsors

Bravo Academy proudly acknowledges our Founding Sponsors who play an integral role in supporting arts education and have helped us to create a home where we can inspire and educate artists. We deeply appreciate their support.

Bauer-Robinson Family
John & Liliana Bencic
Blake Family
Jeff & Violet Borg
Steve & Kay Chanasyk
David Chanasyk
Cohen Family
Driver Family
Robbie Dryer & Family
Matthew Frattin
Goldenburg Family
Graham Family
Librach Family
Markel & Freedman Family
Morrow Family
Agoston & Lidija Morvay
Nathanson Family
Nathens-Taub Family
Nichols Family
Olive Family
Polisuk Family
Ripstein Family
Sugarman Family
Venexo Capital
Warke Family
Weintraub Family
Marty & Penny Zlotnik


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