Memorize. Practice. Perform.

2021/2022 Troupe Auditions

Stay tuned for audition information for our 2021/2022 Troupe programs!

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Audition Tips

Choosing Material

  • Pick something familiar and easy to learn - a song or monologue you've already learned for a play or recital is a great choice! Otherwise, think favourite movies or musicals.
  • Make sure your piece is age-appropriate, both in content and vocal range. For example, a song like "Let It Go" from Frozen is written for an adult woman to sing and is challenging for a young girl to sing well.
  • Make sure you have your piece fully memorized; this helps so much with your confidence when you're in the room!

Audition Preparation

  • Try to practice your song with a live accompanist before your audition. Piano accompaniment sounds very different from karaoke tracks or studio recordings, and can throw you off!
  • Do a mock audition with a family member, friend, or teacher so you can get used to performing in front of another person.
  • Remember that the audition panel is rooting for you to succeed! Nerves are natural before an audition, but there's no need to be intimidated. Through the audition process, we're hoping to see a little of what makes you special, and what unique qualities you will bring to our program.

Audition Etiquette

  • Plan to arrive ten minutes before your scheduled audition time in case of traffic or delays. If you can, warm up your voice in the car on the way. You'll need about five minutes before your audition to complete an information sheet.
  • Bring your sheet music, hole-punched and double-sided, in a binder for the accompanist. You'll get both back after your audition!
  • Wear something comfortable, clean, and professional; pick an outfit that makes you feel confident!
  • Introduce yourself when you enter, and bring all your materials with you: headshot and resume, completed audition form, and sheet music.

Suggested Material

Please note! These are only suggestions to get you started; students can select any song or monologue they choose and are not restricted to this list!