Writers: Matt Bernard and Suzy Wilde
Director: Matt Bernard
Producer: Melissa Bencic, Bravo Academy for the Performing Arts
Music Director: Suzy Wilde
Production Manager: Julie-Rae King
Video Editors: Matt Bernard and Nicholas Paddison
Sound Editor: Suzy Wilde and James Ervin
Caption Editor: Blake Crawford
Fred: Dante Prince
Carson: Jack Stevens
Nancy: Madeleine Hodge
Vanessa: Kelsey Verzotti
Riley: Aimée Tremblay Woodman
Ray Angelo: James Sandau
The year is 2018. It has been reported that a giant meteor is heading towards Earth and will strike in 24 hours. Students residing in a co-ed dorm at a prestigious Canadian university receive the terrible news, and each reacts in a different way. While some seek to find a way to stop the disaster or escape the impending doom, others try to make the most of what little time they have left.
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Emerging Artist Intensive Cast


July 4-6


Toronto Fringe Collective (Virtual Performance)