Learn, Create & Perform!

What does it feel like to star in a Broadway musical?

If you have always wondered what it would feel like to be in a musical then this is the perfect camp for you! You'll have fun learning and performing in a musical complete with rehearsals staging the scenes, learning dance choreography and creating set pieces and props.   Students will receive instruction from our fabulous and experienced teaching artists in singing, acting and dance and  on the last day students will perform in a musical production in our state-of-the-art Zlotnik Studio Theatre. Whether you're an experienced musical theatre performer, or simply trying it for the first time, this music theatre camp is a fun and exciting way to spend your March Break!

Hands-on experience in each aspect of producing a musical, from backstage, to on stage!

MARCH 2021 Show info TBA!

A day in the life at March Break Camp!


Our day starts with a warm up activity, to get our creative energy flowing and get ready to work!


After a snack break, we dive into our show, working on scenes, songs, and staging! 


Lunch-time.  Don't forget Pizza Friday!


We're back to work, staging our show and learning choreography for our final production on the last day of camp.


We head to the craft room to work on props, costumes, and set pieces that will make our show personal and colourful!


Please refer to our Student Policies for further information.

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