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If you love musical theatre, want to learn more, make friends and have fun performing…this class is for you! Whether you have lots or little experience in musical theatre, this class will help build your skills. Classes will involve dramatic exercises, ensemble music and creative movement, culminating in a final showcase of excerpts from favourite Broadway musicals in our studio theatre.

Winter 2023 Classes are already underway. Interested in joining us for Spring? Sign up for our mailing list to be notified when registration launches!

Winter 2023

Adult Broadway (18+) Thursdays 8:45-10:00pm – September 14 – December 7  

Sample Adult Musical Theatre Schedule

Week 1: Meet your instructor and your fellow classmates! In our first class, we start with some introductory exercises, talk about our term goals, and distribute materials.

Weeks 2-4: We work on our performance skills through dramatic exercises and activities, incorporating voice and movement. We also work towards our final performance by learning music, choreography, and blocking.

Weeks 5-8: We stage and polish our performance, using the techniques we’ve learned and our own understanding of characters and story. We work together and contribute our ideas to create an original performance.

Week 9: Dress rehearsal! We try on our costumes and practice our final performance with lights and sound before the audience arrives.

Week 10: Show time! With lights, props, and costumes, we showcase our skills in an ensemble performance featuring highlights from a popular musical. Students perform in our state-of-the-art Zlotnik Studio Theatre, with professional lighting and sound.


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