Bravo Academy’s music theatre programs are the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of SINGING, DANCING, and ACTING. Students of all ages work in small classes to build their performance skills, and showcase what they’ve learned for friends and family!

Music Theatre Teaches:

  • Singing, rhythm, and vocal performance
  • Stage movement and storytelling through dance
  • Character development and making characters come alive on stage
  • Line memorization and working with scripts
  • Stage performance and teamwork
  • Each class culminates in a showcase performance, featuring excerpts from a popular musical.
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Fall 2018 Music Theatre

Our Fall 2018 classes will perform excerpts from the Disney hit Newsies! Filled with fun songs and exciting movement, Newsies is sure to capture hearts, and “Seize the Day”!

Winter 2019 Music Theatre

Bremen Rock City, Akiva Romer Segal, Colleen Dauncey, Sara Farb, Toronto Contemporary Music Theatre

Loosely based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “The Brementown Musicians”, Bremen Rock City follows the story of Jack, a guitar-shredding donkey, who escapes from his boring life on the farm to pursue his dream of becoming a rock star. Jack forms a band called The Strays, which includes Duke, a hopelessly muzzled dog who drums like Neil Peart; the artistic and sardonic cat, Lex, who plays a fierce bass; and meek baby chicken Shelley, with the riff‐tastic voice of an angelfish. The Strays are headed to Bremen Rock City, where music legends are born! But Jack soon gets swept up in the world of free snacks, hugs, and rock and roll, and must decide what’s more important: fame or friendship.

An original Canadian musical by Colleen Dauncey, Akiva Romer-Segal, and Sara Farb!

Check out the trailer from our youth troupes’ production of Bremen Rock City!

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  • Kinder Music Theatre
    Ages 4-5 | Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
  • Kids Music Theatre
    Ages 6-7 | Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays
  • Junior Music Theatre
    Ages 8-11 | Mondays & Saturdays
  • Youth Acting
    Ages 9-12 | Wednesdays


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