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Aimée Tremblay Woodman

Role at Bravo Academy

Voice Instructor


Honours Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance – Sheridan College


Musical Theatre, Classical, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Singer-Songwriter.



Aimée Tremblay Woodman (she/her/elle) is a neurodivergent, Franco-Ontarian, bilingual performer, actor and singer from Toronto. Aimée holds an Honours Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance from Sheridan College and is a Bravo Academy alumna. 
As a musical theatre performer, Aimée has lots of experience being a student and is proud of the toolbox she has built. While gathering essential and helpful tools from teachers, peers, and medical practitioners over the years, she developed an appreciation for the importance of creating an accessible and psychologically safe learning environment for all. Using different approaches to learning an instrument as individual as the voice or the language of music on the piano can allow for the discovery of fun and play while learning. Aimée believes in catering to students’ individual learning needs and simultaneously working towards their personal objectives and goals.
Aimée has spent many summers teaching music, drama, musical yoga, and musical theatre to various age groups in many settings, including private homes, daycares and camps. She couldn’t be more excited to be back at Bravo Academy as a teacher to share her passion for the performing arts with the next generation of artists.