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Bravo Academy’s Advanced Musical Theatre Troupe Program is committed to providing the HIGHEST QUALITY and INNOVATIVE performing arts training. Our mission is to inspire ARTISTS, create MUSIC and help students realize their DREAMS!  

Musical theatre encourages children to use their IMAGINATION, work as a TEAM, develop COMMUNICATION skills and build SELF-CONFIDENCE. We are committed to providing an inclusive environment, allowing students to explore their passion and develop their skills.

Youth Troupe is a full year experience for young artists ages 10-13. Students work with industry professionals and experienced theatre educators to receive outstanding musical theatre training, and produce two high-quality performances per year.  Admission to the program is by audition only, resulting in a fast-paced creative environment where budding artists can truly shine. Students will learn to advance their techniques in singing, acting, and dancing!

All performances take place at Meridian Arts Centre Studio Theatre. Past productions have included musicals such as Beauty and the Beast Jr., The SpongeBob Musical Youth Edition, and many more.

Youth Troupe is a great program for a young performer who has discovered a love and interest in musical theatre, is ready for a challenge and is excited to perform a role in a fully produced musical. Admission to the program is by audition only.  No prior experience is required.

Click here to learn more about our Advanced Troupe Musical Theatre Program.

Visit our Photo Gallery and Video Gallery to view past productions.

Entrance into the Troupe Program

Ages 10-11 

  • 1 musical theatre song (16-32 bars, age-appropriate, with accompaniment/karaoke track)
  • 1 monologue (30 seconds or less, any style)
  • Click here to submit today! 

Ages 12-13

  • 2 songs (16-32 bars, age-appropriate, with accompaniment/karaoke track). One piece ideally is from a contemporary musical and the second piece can be from another musical or a pop/rock song.
  • 1 monologue (60 seconds or less, any style)
  • All videos must be uploaded as an unlisted YouTube video.
  • Click here to submit today! 

All of our Troupe programs are audition-based. Troupe auditions are held annually in April/May.  If spots remain following the deadline, submissions are accepted until all troupes are full. All students accepted into a Troupe will be cast in a role. We limit the number of students we accept based on the number of roles available in the musicals we are producing. Students are not required to have past musical theatre experience to audition for a Troupe.


Visit our Troupe Audition page to learn more about auditions and how to submit. 

If you are looking for additional support or assistance with any aspect of your performance, singing, acting or dancing, coachings are a great way to work one-on-one. If you would like to book a coaching please fill out this FORM of current available time slots or email

Role Placement

Youth Troupe is a full year program divided into two terms, Fall and Spring. The Fall Term runs from September to December, and the Spring Term runs from January to May.

Shows are announced a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the start of each term. Each term begins with role auditions, and ends with the performances of a fully produced musical.  Audition material will be shared a minimum of three weeks in advance, and all casting decisions are made by the Artistic Team (Director, Music Director and Choreographer).

Much time and careful consideration is taken to ensure that students are cast in a suitable role(s) that are within their vocal range and are dramatically appropriate. Each show is unique, and has different vocal, dance and dramatic demands. Troupe productions are carefully chosen in order to provide as many roles as possible. Principle roles are double-cast whenever possible (meaning two students share the same role and alternate performances).

Rehearsal Schedule

Bravo Academy has two Youth Troupes that take place on different days: Option 1) Youth Troupe Saturday; Option 2) Youth Troupe Thursday. If accepted into the program, students will be accepted into either Youth Troupe Saturday, OR, Youth Troupe Thursday. Students will have regular rehearsals on either Thursday or Saturday, not both. 

Weekly Rehearsals: 
OPTION 1: Thursday Youth Troupe
Thursdays 6:00pm-7:45pm, Extended Call: 7:45pm – 8:30pm
OPTION 2: Saturday Youth Troupe
Saturdays 1:00pm-2:45pm.
Extended Call: 2:45pm-3:30pm

Additional Rehearsals: Approximately 3-4 additional rehearsals per term will be held on Sundays throughout the year, normally from 9:30-12:30pm. The exact time will be communicated in advance. 

Important Dates for Youth Troupe 2024/2025 (both Thursday and Saturday)
Fall Start Date:
For Youth Thursday: Thursday September 5th. For Youth Saturday: Saturday September 7th

Fall Tech & Dress Rehearsals:
For Youth Thursday: Tech is on Tuesday December 10th, and Dress Rehearsals are on Thursday December 12th and Saturday December 14th. For Youth Saturday: Tech is on Saturday December 7th, and Dress Rehearsals are on Wednesday December 11th and Saturday December 14th.

Fall Shows:
For Youth Thursday: December 15th-16th. For Youth Saturday: December 15th and 17th

Spring Start Date:
For Youth Thursday: Thursday January 9th. For Youth Saturday: Saturday January 11th

Spring Tech & Dress Rehearsals:
For Youth Thursday: Tech is on Tuesday May 6th, and Dress Rehearsals are on Saturday May 10th and Sunday May 11th. For Youth Saturday: Tech is on Wednesday May 7th, and Dress Rehearsals are on Tuesday May 13th and Wednesday May 14th.

Spring Shows:
For Youth Thursday: May 15th and 17th. For Youth Saturday: May 16th-17th

***These dates are subject to change. All tech, dress, and show dates require mandatory attendance. We strive to maintain the schedule as outlined, but due to unforeseen circumstances if we must change important dates, we do our best to provide ample notice. 

  • Youth Troupe Thursday students are required to attend all Thursday rehearsals.
  • Youth Troupe Saturday students are required to attend all Saturday rehearsals.
  • Student call times will fluctuate Sundays and during Extended Calls pending the production’s needs. Eg. Students may be called for an entire Sunday/Extended Call rehearsal or may not be called at all.
  • Rehearsals details are scheduled in advance, and are posted on Students Corner. 

Fall Show 2024:

Spring Show 2025:








Youth Troupe Thursday Shows for Fall 2024 are on Sunday December 15th and Monday December 16th, 2024

Youth Troupe Saturday Shows for Fall 2024 are on Sunday December 15th and Tuesday December 17th, 2024

Youth Troupe Thursday Shows for Spring 2025 are on Thursday May 15th and Saturday May 17th, 2025

Youth Troupe Saturday Shows for Spring 2025 are on Friday May 16th and Saturday May 17th, 2025

All performances and tech/dress rehearsals will take place at  Meridian Arts Centre Studio Theatre.

Students will see their show come together with full lights, microphones, set, costumes, and hair and make-up. Tickets go on sale via Ticketmaster in collaboration with Meridian Arts Centre approximately 3-4 weeks before opening.

We provide:

  • Troupe Orientation Night
  • Show Rights
  • Scripts
  • Students Corner
  • Rehearsals in our fully accessible, custom-built facility
  • Artistic Team: Director, Choreographer, and Musical Director
  • Production Manager
  • Professional Designers: Set and Props, Sound, Lighting, Costume, Hair and Make-up
  • Stage Management Team
  • Theatre Technicians
  • Set
  • Props
  • Microphones
  • Costumes*
  • Front-of-House Team
  • Performances held at a professional theatre
  • Professional Photos
  • Archival Video Licensing Rights when available**

Students Corner: The rehearsal schedule is overseen by a full-time Production Stage Manager and posted on Student’s Corner, our password-protected webpage just for Troupe students. Student’s Corner is where you’ll find not only detailed rehearsal schedules, but also choreo videos and music tracks to help you practice at home.

 Bravo Academy is  pleased to work with a team of professional designers and teaching artists, including many Dora Award-winning artists and those who have worked on major stages such as on Broadway and the Stratford Festival. It takes many incredible people to put on one of our shows and we are grateful to have an amazing team that is dedicated to providing and incredible experience.

Rehearsal Space: All Troupe rehearsals are held at our fully accessible and custom-built facility, in the Zlotnik Studio Theatre, which offers ample space for staging and choreography.

*We provide major costume elements. Students are responsible for footwear and supplementary items, as required and as outlined in advance of performances. 

**An additional fee is charged for those that would like to order an archival video when we are permitted by the licensing house to film.

All Troupe programs run at an advanced level. In order to maintain a high quality program students are expected to:

  • Attend all rehearsals
  • Arrive early with appropriate clothing and footwear
  • Have lines memorized before each staging rehearsal
  • Have music prepared and memorized for each choreography and staging rehearsal
  • Review staging, choreography and/or music before each rehearsal
  • Participate with enthusiasm, positivity, and an eagerness to learn
  • Respect fellow students and instructors throughout the rehearsal by quietly observing when not actively rehearsing
  • Leave cell phones and other distracting devices in their bags during rehearsal time (unless given specific permission to record)

Full-Year Tuition:  $2810 + HST

Amount due upon registration: 50% + $200 deposit: $1605 +HST

Amount due November 1: 50% – $200 deposit: $1205 + HST

Annual Registration Fee: $45 + HST per. student, maximum $75 fee per family.

Bravo Academy is a proud partner of the Arts Access Fund providing opportunities and support for those who otherwise would not be able to participate in our program. Students who need financial assistance in the form of a bursary or scholarship are encouraged to apply after acceptance to the program. 

To view Advanced Troupe Policies including withdrawal, Please view our Bravo Academy School Policy Handbook.

2024/25 SEASON

Youth Troupe Faculty

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