Why Study Piano?

Piano lessons are a wonderful way for musicians young and old, amateur or professional, to learn a timeless skill and a new way to understand music.

Piano lessons will introduce beginners to rhythm and musicality, while building cognitive skills that are valuable at any age!

Music performers already skilled or training in another discipline will find piano lessons the perfect accompaniment to their development as a musician.

No matter your skill level – whether you’re training for Carnegie Hall or your living room – Bravo Academy can match you with a piano instructor who will bring out the best in you!

Who Should Take Piano Lessons?

Piano lessons are for anyone at any level who wants to learn instrumental skills and have fun playing music!

Levels: Beginner to Advanced
Styles: Classical, Music Theatre, Contemporary, Singer-Songwriter, Accompaniment
Certification: Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), Preparatory – ARCT
Lesson Length: 30 – 60 minutes


Performance/Audition Coaching

In addition to regular private lessons, our instructors offer occasional coaching sessions. Coachings focus on rehearsing specific material in preparation for a performance or audition. Instructors offer feedback on technique and style, as well as overall performance.

If you’re interested in booking a coaching session, please contact admin@bravoacademy.ca for rates and availability.

Meet Our Teaching Artists

Our Teaching Artists are all highly educated and experienced instructors.

All instructors are qualified educators that have excellent teaching experience and work in the industry as professional performers both in Canada and internationally.

  • Melissa Bencic
    Owner, Founder & Artistic Director
  • piano
    Mitchell Aldrich
    Music Director, Voice & Piano Instructor
  • Larissa Koniuk
    Voice & Piano Instructor
  • Kara Huber
    Piano Instructor

Lesson Structure

Every student is different, so each lesson is approached with the student’s individual goals, strengths, and personality in mind. Our teachers work with individual students to craft customized lesson plans.

A typical music lesson includes some combination of the following:

  • Technical Exercises – warming up the instrument to prepare for sustained practice; just like you warm up to run or play sports, you warm up to sing or play!
  • Music Theory – an important skill for any music student, written theory review covers the building blocks of musical performance – notes, scales, and how to read music.
  • Rhythm Exercises – as a part of music fundamentals, rhythm training prepares students to follow music patterns and perform with ease.
  • Repertoire – students work toward performing a full piece, whether at our semi-annual recital or as part of a major performance!

Performance Opportunities

Every private lesson student is invited to perform in our semi-annual recitals in late November and May. Students work with their instructor to select a piece that demonstrates their technique and progress, and perform for family, friends, and peers at our Bravo Academy Zlotnik Studio Theatre. Instructors may also recommend festivals or competitions for their students to showcase their abilities, including:

Royal Conservatory of Music

Every student has their own goals for music study. We encourage many students to pursue Royal Conservatory of Music certification.

The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Certificate Program is a standardized approach to music education available across the country. Students work through each grade level, practicing performance technique and music theory, gradually improving their performance skills with a thorough and challenging curriculum.

RCM certification is recognized across Canada by most major music programs and training facilities, and is recommended for students pursuing music at a secondary or post-secondary level.

Our piano instructors are qualified to teach RCM and can tell you if RCM is right for you, as well as providing exam preparation and assisting in material selection. Ask your instructor is RCM is right for you!


Please take a look at our Student Handbook to learn more about our policies.